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Jen Winsor - Mindset Coach

Hi! I'm Jen, nice to meet you!
I'm a mindset coach working with heart-centered women entrepreneurs around the globe to create the lifestyle and revenue of their dreams.

My entrepreneurial spirit and mindset strategies have successfully taken me from the world of engineering to lifestyle blogging, international brand collaborations and guest expert contributions to articles published in U.S. News & World Report, BestLife, Bustle and Up Journey.

When I'm not helping my clients hit their impact and income goals, you can find me planning my next beach vacation with my family, enjoying the beauty of nature or sipping strong coffee with a side of dark chocolate.

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What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • I love how Jen really got to know me and helped me to uncover how my mindset was holding me back. She taught me what to do and how to work through it and shift my mindset with life and business-changing tools and coaching. She made me feel super supported and was always there for me. Jen helped me step into the CEO role in my business and build trust in myself and my team. Because of this, I gained way more time and felt less stressed and overwhelmed, all of which allowed me to grow the business in a way that felt really good to me. I hit a $20k month while working with Jen and felt way more balance and energy in that month than ever before! I was even away on vacation for two weeks out of that month! Through my coaching with Jen, I gained so much self trust and confidence. We uncovered some of my core values and needs, which was invaluable knowledge that has greatly improved my everyday life. Jen is amazing and her support will change your life and business! I absolutely recommend hiring Jen as your mindset coach!

    Steph Orosco CEO at
  • I loved working with Jen, she's amazing! Because of our coaching, I felt more empowered and learned to really own my value...and I signed 6 new clients! That was a huge win for me! I 100% recommend working with Jen as your mindset coach, she's amazing at what she does, she's always positive and she really had confidence in me, it was a wonderful experience. You absolutely need Jen in your life!

    Shachee Mehta Relationship Coach


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